Friday, February 4, 2011

The Nicest People...Part 1

Puppies are people magnets.  They really are.  If it wasn't for Chester, we could be friendless in PA.  OK, maybe not friendLESS, but less friends for sure.  When Chester was just a furry little tail waggin' fluff ball, he was just irresistible.  (Still is I might add -- Mom's say these things)  We would walk down the street with him  trotting by our sides, and people would stop mowing their lawns, get up off the porch, or take a break in their "run", just to come meet the new pup on the block.

I think God used Chester to bring certain families into our hearts and lives....and I'm way thankful.
Like Charlie, and his family.  Charlie, likes to play basketball on his driveway. Charlie is a great young man.  Charlie is very patient big brother with a little sister who obviously thinks he hung the moon.  Charlie is a wonderful son, raising terrific parents :-), who like to play ball with him in the front yard.

One beautiful spring day, this friendly, smiling, hoop-throwin', blonde-headed third grader, dropped his basketball and came to greet us.  Puppies and boys, like peas and carrots, like Batman and Robin, they just go together. Almost daily, if Charlie was out playin', we'd stop and talk and have pup-time.  This one particular day stands out to me ~~~We were way down the block, and I could see Charlie shooting hoops in the distance.  He spied us, ran to the backyard yelling all the way, "Mom, Dad, Chester's coming, Chester's coming ~~ Come meet Chester!!"  And so we met the family. Great family, wonderful family.  Thanks to Chester and Charlie, we met.  We became friends. We are so thankful.  I look forward to our springtime, summertime, conversations on the driveway or over the fence ~ just chatting, sometimes sharing tears and prayers, sometimes talkin' story,  sometimes tossing tennis balls for Chester,  ~ just being friends.  

You know, you can meet the nicest people while out walking.   Hidden treasures in the neighborhood. Thank you Charlie, and Chester.

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