Friday, February 28, 2014

A New Red Vest

Well here he is, handsome boy in his new red vest, an official Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs Inc. !!

KPETS, you set the bar high for pet therapy and you taught us well, thank you!  You are in our hearts furever.

Onward in Red ~ we're spreading the smiles and joy in California.

Phillies and Yankees Fans In One Room

Last night Chester wanted to visit one of his best buddies, who after a long bout with the flu, landed in the hospital.  Chester understands that hospital stays are like dog years, even short stays can seem like furever.

~And so Chester did what friends do...made a visit to see his friend. He donned his new super red vest (Therapy Dogs Inc), and we walked, he pranced actually,  into a new-to-us hospital in San Luis Obispo.  We entered through the front double doors, rode up the elevator to the second floor, and strolled down the hallway to the pediatric wing.

We found the right room,  faces lit up and tails wagged when these two buddies saw each other.
It was good :-).

I am not sure what the real miracle is~
  That Chester's friend might get to come home today (woof woof!)
that these two are furever friends.
You see,
even though we live in California,
 Chester is still a Phillies Fan through and through. 
His buddy's team is Yankees,YANKEES til the end!
    (can you imagine?)
          And yet these two are still the best of friends.

I love miracle stories.   

Get Well Soon!

Go Phillies :-)


As the ole saying goes...when life gives you lemons...

So, what do you do when Chester is playing kickball with his favorite buddy
 and accidently pops the ball?


A Sloppy Wet Kiss....

There is this song....about God's love... 
You might know it, there is this line,
...."heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss..."
                                                                             .. now I understand.

Sunday....we walked into our little church that meets in an elementary school gymnasium. I noticed there was a man sitting alone, bearded face in hands, resting elbows on his knees, looking down at the floor through dark sunnies (what my grandson calls very cool sunglasses).  Clearly, he wanted to be alone.

My heart went out to this man, wondering about his story.

During worship, Chester, rather than resting & nestling by my feet, kept standing & staring at this man sitting in the corner.

"You want to go see him don't you?"  I said to my furry, & friend.

 I followed his lead, and we went to the back of the room. Chester nuzzled his head between the man's elbows and quietly, gently, kissed his beard over and over.

I waited. Watched. I could not stop my own tears.

The man leaned his head into Chester's neck and rested there. He took off his sunnies and wiped his tear-drenched eyes.

"Chester, my dog, apparently wanted to visit you.  I hope it is ok."  I said.

"Oh yes, more than ok, I love dogs." the man said.

I touched his shoulder and told him I was glad he was here. He asked me if I would like to sit next to him. He brought me a chair.Chester resumed his spot,  sitting between the man's knees, looking up to his face.

The worship music faded, and people began to visit.

The man looked at me, "I don't know if I can stay, I am overwhelmed. There is so much love here."

He stayed.

Later, I learned....This man. This dear man. His 6 year old son is battling cancer.

Everyone has a story.

And sometimes, sometimes, God just might use the sloppy wet kisses of a tender pup,  to break through the darkness, into healing love.

I do love that about Him.

PS If you are curious, that's called "How He Loves"