Friday, February 4, 2011

Chester's first Therapy Appointment...."unofficial" that is

Chester's first unofficial and unexpected therapy visit was with Sherm, he was one of those Nicest People we met while walking.  Chester was just a pup, only 6 months old, didn't even have his yellow-vest yet.

To jog your memory, we met Sherm and Jackie while hiding from the big dog (see previous post). Well, after our initial meeting & party on the lush green grass, we visited regularly with these now-dear-friends. On this hot summer's day, Chester and I stopped in, just for a moment, just to say Hi. Inside their beautiful home, we talked and relaxed in their cozy den, a room neatly filled with books, framed family photos, and comfy chairs.  Chester, always invited inside, was not being his usual social self, rolling on the floor asking for tummy rubs, or trotting from person to person for delightful ear scratches and back massages, or sniffing and exploring the new land.  Today, Chester was staying close to Sherm, not moving from the side of his friend in the leather recliner.  After trying to climb up onto his buddy's lap, Chester settled for resting his head there instead, content to stay close while Sherm stroked his soft golden fur.   I took a moment and just watched these two.  Finally, I noticed what my pup knew already.  I asked Sherm if he was feeling okay?  Our friend, with his gentle ways and keen mind, went on to explain that he was in extreme back pain, and was in fact going to have outpatient surgery in a few days to relieve the problem.

I sat listening to his story, while Chester rested at his feet.   Before leaving, I asked if we could pray together.  We held hands, with puppy in the middle, asking our Papa in Heaven to please heal Sherm and to guide the surgeon's hand.  Sherm's eyes were wet, mine and Jackie's were leaking, and Chester's tail was thumping. God was in our midst.

I was reminded afresh that day, to keep my eyes open, to take time, to not be in a hurry. Chester sensed, long before I did, that this was not "visit as usual today."  I'm glad I paid attention, or I woulda missed a God moment.

By the way.  Sherm's surgery was a grand success.  He's back to lawn mowin', dancin', and honey-do's.  The pain is mostly gone. Thank you Papa for answered prayer, and dear friends.  And for Chester.

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