Friday, February 4, 2011

The Nicest People, ..continued, Part 2

Another walk, another day.  Chester and I rounded the corner, only to find a GIANT German Shepard, who was not a happy camper. He was lunging on his leash, barking in a not-so-happy-I'm-hungry-for-fluffy-puppy sort of language.  His  master was struggling to stay in control, and I was thinking that the one holding the leash was NOT alpha dog, if you catch my drift. So, Chester and I gave these two a lot of room (we did not want to be lunch), and waited on someone's lush green lawn under the shade of their tree, until these two passed.  We maybe, kinda were behind the tree, I don't remember :-) . 

You know, you can meet the nicest people while hiding and avoiding a hungry German Shepard.   Ron and Joan came out to greet us.  It was their lush lawn we were standing on.  They kindly said we could take refuge on their property any day.  Chester won their hearts immediately, rolling over for a tummy rub.   Then out came Jackie, neighbor to Ron and Joan.  We moved to Jackie's lush lawn, then out came Sherm (Jackie's very sweet husband), "Are you having a party without me?" he asked.   And then from across the street came Foster and Tanya, parents to George (a lovable and slightly crazy Chocolate Lab).  And... our friendships began.

At the time, I don't think thankful is the word I would have used for that scary big black dog. But today, I would say the word thankful over and over.  Without him, don't know that we would have met Ron and Joan, Sherm and Jackie, Foster and Tonya...and George, ~ our friends.  You know it's interesting, I've never seen that German Shephard again.  And we walk a lot.  I wonder...

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