Friday, January 28, 2011

Pool Party

Well, the weather outside was frightful, but the pool was so delightful ~ Chester was invited to a KPETS pool party today!  Woof! Woof !

Six golden retrievers, one yellow lab, and a furry little hold-in-your-arms black and white fluff-ball gathered together on a snowy January day, for a birthday swim party (2 dogs were celebrating) at the Mennonite Home, a retirement community for Seniors.  

The indoor pool deck was crowded chair to chair and walker to walker with smiling Seniors who  came to watch the canine swim.  The dogs put on quite a show, jumping, splashing, retrieving toys, doing the dog-paddle around the pool, and just generally having FUN.    Chester was a scaredy-dog at jumping in from the side.  A couple of the other goldens would do these flying leaps, landing with award winning style & splashes.  Chester had the want to, but would end up leaning way over the edge, pawing the water, then sliding in like an otter, ~~ which brought him a round of applause for trying :-).   The cutest sight, was the little black and white pup, perched on top of a big-blue floaty in the middle of the pool.  The retrievers swam circles around her  ~ and at times tried to climb aboard and sink her ship.  She was a good sport with the big hounds, and kind enough to share her floaty with the birthday girls~~A sweetie-pie for sure!

The Birthday Pool Party was a splashing success, and a good time was had by all.  Thank you to all the Seniors for letting us invade your pool this afternoon ~~ and for singing the sweetest rendition of Happy Birthday I have ever heard!

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