Sunday, January 23, 2011

Angels and Heavenly Kisses

Often we take Chester to church ~ tonight while worshipping, Chester looked up, directly towards the ceiling ~ past Keith and I, past the countless faces and outstretched arms,  just staring at nothing we could see with our physical eyes.  He was intent, focused, then he glanced at me as if to say...don't you see it?  I stared as hard as I could, wanting to see what I knew he so clearly saw.    ~~he often sees what I do not see.   After staring intently for quite some time, never moving or wavering, eyes gently fixed, on what I believe was an angelic being, he settled down at our feet and rested.   oh Lord give me ears to hear and eyes to see

Another night, after church, Chester and I stood in the aisle, just allowing people to greet him .  Most often, as we wait, I find that just the right people approach, those who love dogs, need a doggie hug or a tail wag, those who want to ask questions, those who need to tell their own animal "tails".  We wait, we stand, and the people just come.  This particular night,   a quiet woman approached, she was middle-aged, dressed quite plainly, and wore a tight bun in the back of her hair.  She knelt down to pet Chester, and immediately he gave her a huge kiss right on the lips.  I began to pull him back, thinking ohmygosh not the best greeting for this woman.  She hugged him tightly around the neck and broke into delightful laughter, and then looked directly into those big, gentle brown eyes of his and said, "Oh my, I haven't been kissed in....well....I don't know how many years!!! How did you know that is just what I needed tonight!?" 

Again...Chester often sees what I do not see. ~ On this night he saw right into the heart of a  lonely woman, a woman who needed a heavenly kiss, heavenly laughter & love, and he was there to deliver just what was needed at just the right time.    oh Lord, give me ears to hear and eyes to see

I love you Chester :-)

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