Thursday, February 2, 2017

Some Encouraging Words

 After weekly visits in January, some feedback from the teachers...

“It  is great to know that you will come in and join in with whatever is going on that day. I know my students love seeing and petting Chester. It is nice to have you here during math since many kids feel stress during math, it makes it very relaxing. Thank you so much for taking the time to help individual students where they are struggling.

“WE LOVE BOTH YOU AND CHESTER!  I have wonderful writing samples from some of my most reluctant writers when Chester is there to listen to their writing!  Chester is both a fun and calming addition to our class on Wednesdays, and even my am parents love seeing you both.  I have some emotional kiddos and the morning works great for us because Chester changes their disposition and sets them on the right path for the day!   Thank you for being a wonderful part of 1st grade!”

“We just LOVE having you and Chester visit.  Every day I get a, “Is Chester coming today?”

“Would you come everyday? :) ...


A handwritten note from a  first grader (The note came tucked inside a paper airlplane, crayon-colored inside and out with hearts, a rainbow , green green grass, bright blue sky, and a happy golden retriever. ) 
Dear Chester! I really look forword to seeing you. 
You worm my heart.  
I love having you come to my class room.  
With love….

 Chester is gathering a collection of straight-from-the-heart drawings from his kids. Pencil sketched golden retriever masterpieces  ~~  We treasure each one. 

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