Thursday, February 2, 2017

California Earthquake Drills

California Earthquake Drills

We weren't  in 3rd grade for more than 10 minutes...  when the surprise Earthquake Drill began~~ Chester had already enjoyed his "rub my belly and scratch my ears" time  on the floor with Ms. Chase, and we were settling into the classroom schedule for the day.  Oh, and Kai and I had shared our hugs!

Sidenote ~~Ms. Chase is a golden lover, and has been in love with Chester since the day he stepped paw on campus 4 years ago --- and she has been waiting for the day when our grandtreasure, Kai,  would be in her classroom and Chester would perhaps  visit on a regular weekly schedule.  This has been part of the deal each year -- if Kai's teacher would like Chester visits, we would come for regular visits, if not, that was okay too.  Truth be told, Ms. Chase would like Chester to live in 3rd grade furever. 

As I said, we had only been in class a short time, and we were settling in to listen to some "How To" presentations by students....
When……….all of a sudden….. the announcement came over the loud speaker that the school was having an EARTHQUAKE DRILL.  This means duck and cover under the desks until the coast is clear.  Immediately the students stopped what they were doing, scattered, ducked under desks and tables, covered their necks and waited quiet-as-a-mouse.     Chester and I, of course, ducked and covered too, though his hiney and tail stuck out a lil’ bit from beneath his 3rd grade desk. (pretty sure mine did too :) )

It was soooooooooo quiet.  

A minute passed.
And then...
We were instruected via loudspeaker to line up at the door and head out to the track field. Straight lines, no talking.  Chop Chop.
Chester and I pulled up the rear.
There was a pre-schooler visiting 3rd grade.  He and his Mom were helping 3rd-grade big brother with a presentation. Mom and big brother happened to be outside setting up for  a class presentation when Earthquake drill began.  Pre-School brother was inside  with 3rd grade students.  Little Brother was not so much interested in walking in line out to the playground without Mommy and Big Brother.  
However….you know…. Chester was in 3rd grade too.   

And so…. I handed Little Brother Chester’s leash. “Wanna walk Chester?”  I whispered.

He smiled, took the leash. And off we trotted.

The whole school was lined up in their classroom lines out on the track. It took quite some time for everyone to be accounted for.
Chester lay down, waiting patiently in the 3rd grade line-up. He was counted too.
All students, staff, and D.O.G. were safe and sound.
The horn sounded, and we were free to return to class.
I sort of felt like we bonded that day,  and officially became a part of the school :)

PS  ---   Big Brother and Mom reunited with little brother, and finished setting up their presentation.  Presentation was demonstrating how to pitch a baseball into a huge net. Big Brother is a SF Giants' Fan through and through. And an amazing pitcher.     Chester got to watch, chew on a baseball, CHASE baseballs, and hang out with his Kai AND his 3rd graders, not to mention get a belly rub  and ear massage, and lay quiet under a desk for a whole minute. Life is soooo good in 3rd grade, pawsitively!

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