Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sensational 4th Grade Moments

In one of the 4th grade classes, 2 brave students volunteered to help Chester.  It's been awhile, but my buddy was going to demonstrate "over" and "under" --- using two human-bridges-on-hands-and-knees.  It took a couple of tries, and a whole lot of laughter, but it wasn't long before Chester soared over, and scooted under his two new friends, incorporating ALL 5 SENSES in the remembering process. Sensational!

While Chester was working on remembering exactly what "OVER/UNDER" meant, I remembered another Chester story ....which of course I had to share with the 4th graders.

I was speaking to a Cub Scout Troop and their parents, demonstrating this very same trick. I chose a volunteer from the back row ~~ an eager little Cub Scout in crisp blue uniform.

I asked him to get down on his hands and knees and make a bridge for Chester. With a few giggles and silly expressions, he quickly made a dazzling bridge. I commanded Chester "OVER!"  Chester ran, jumped, planted his front paws on little Cub Scout, sort of using him like a spring board,  and flattened him like a pancake. The crowd erupted with laughter, the smashed cub scout got to his feet, a little embarrassed but thankfully no harm done.   I looked at Chester (who was sort of smiling) and whispered, "What is up with this smashing the cub scout thing??"

Because Chester needed to make things right with his little buddy, and do the trick correctly,  (strive for accuracy),  the courageous Cub Scout somewhat reluctantly made another bridge.  I once again gave Chester the "OVER" command. ...The Cub Scout braised his arms and legs, scrunched his eyes closed --- and this time Chester soared like an eagle over his little friend, not even touching a hair on his head.

The crowd roared --- Chester took a bow, the cub scout sprang to his feet and took a bow!  We shook paws and hands with our brave new friend, apologizing for Chester's mistake and thanking him for being such a terrific and patient helper.

Here's the rest of this story....  Right before leaving, the Cub Scout Leader approached me.  He went on to tell me that the boy I had chosen for the "bridge trick" just happened to be a young man who struggled greatly with bullying other boys in the troop.  While rubbing Chester on the head, he grinned at me and said, "Do you think Chester knew?"

I don't know if Chester knew :) , but I do know this little Cub Scout had a wonderful teachable moment ~~ hopefully he had ears to hear and eyes to see.

Chester, you are a  Sensational teacher. 

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