Thursday, June 25, 2015


One of Chester's silly tricks is "ta-daaa".  This is his command for take-a-bow. His hiney goes straight  in the air, and  his nose reaches down to touch his furry toes.   It is always a crowd pleaser, and usually means we are wrapping up whatever we are doing.  Most often, at the end of a public speaking event, we finish with "ta-daaa" and off we go. Home.

It's important while doing pet therapy to watch your dog for signs of stress/boredom/not having fun/time to go/etc.  If you watch closely, they give lots of clues. They really do.  And when they give you clues, it's important to pay attention,  wrap things up, take a break, and head for home.

On this particular evening, I was giving a pet therapy talk to a group of Hospice Volunteers. The speaking event came at the end of a long day, and a long week.  During my presentation, I was NOT doing a good job of paying attention to my buddy.   I did not notice the clues.....

And so in the middle of my little talk, that apparently Chester thought was far too long,  Mr. Fancy Pants gets up from his laying down position at my side... looks at me, then does one absolutely long and drawn out humongous,   "taaaaaa- daaaaaaaa" .

The crowd roared with laughter, I turned it into a teachable moment --- wrapped it up --- and we were out the door. Headed home.

He slept the whole way.

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