Sunday, June 8, 2014

Reading and Writing with My Kids

On Wednesdays, Chester gets to snuggle up and read with the Kinder-Class at Almond Acres Charter Academy.  This is a favorite weekly appointment, not only because they are the best Kinders ever, but a-lot because we are greeted with open arms and hugs from the best granddaughter in the whole wide world!   Kaile'a has told me more than once that Wednesday is her favorite day at school...  because Chester and her Gigi visit her class.  Doesn't get much better than that.

Wednesday is also visit-the-3rd-grade-class day. Miss Chase LOVES Chester, ( of course Mrs. Rima is especially fond of 3rd graders), and we have a standing invitation to visit her classroom each week. Currently, the students are writing mystery stories about their favorite dog in the universe, Chester. Miss Chase recently whispered to me, All my kids want to do is write, write, write their stories.  Every teacher's dream come true :-)  This past Wednesday we were taking pictures ---each student had one-on-one photo time with Chester ~~ and while the camera and Chester were working overtime, some students wrote notes to their buddy.....

Here's a sampling ~~

C-chomping on puperonies
H- happy always
E- eager to love on you
T-trained by Mrs. Rima, the best
E-eating peanut butter
R- running after squirrels
       By Ava

Dear Chester,
    I love you.  You are so pretty.  I love your deep bark.  You are so cute.
                           Love, Emily

C -Chester
H - honest
E - excellent
S - silly
T - terrific
E - even more excellent
R - restless cutie
          Love, Chandly

CHESTER, COOL, AWESOME, Nice, Kind, awesome dog.  From Mallory
   (Mallory drew a picture of a pupperoni bag for her buddy)

Tommy made Chester a paper airplane shaped like a slice of pizza....topped with pupperoni treats.

Chester is loving his school days at Almond Acres ~~ he is becoming most popular pup on campus. As he and I walk onto campus,  I hear the little voices "Chester's here!!!" and he is swamped with hugs and kisses. He's like a kid magnet.  Our two hour long visits have become a wee bit  longer..........gotta figure in hug-and-greet time going to and fro ...for the big-dog.

Life is good.

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