Friday, February 28, 2014

A New Red Vest

Well here he is, handsome boy in his new red vest, an official Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs Inc. !!

KPETS, you set the bar high for pet therapy and you taught us well, thank you!  You are in our hearts furever.

Onward in Red ~ we're spreading the smiles and joy in California.


  1. I wish so badly we could have helped you out there. Maybe someday. Chester we love you! You too Diane!

  2. No worries.........I had the hardest time moving forward with TDInc, but it was time. I'm pursuing becoming an evaluator with them.

    I miss you terribly & KPETS IS the best. That's for sure. You've done an amazing job, and everything I do out here comes from the foundation you layed in our hearts and lives.

    Love and hugs to you and your boys.

    PS I heard that Melissa had a fun time with Max :-) xxoo

  3. Those of us with TDInc are very luck to have Diane and Chester join us! This would be a nice picture to post on the TDInc FB page :-)