Friday, February 28, 2014

Phillies and Yankees Fans In One Room

Last night Chester wanted to visit one of his best buddies, who after a long bout with the flu, landed in the hospital.  Chester understands that hospital stays are like dog years, even short stays can seem like furever.

~And so Chester did what friends do...made a visit to see his friend. He donned his new super red vest (Therapy Dogs Inc), and we walked, he pranced actually,  into a new-to-us hospital in San Luis Obispo.  We entered through the front double doors, rode up the elevator to the second floor, and strolled down the hallway to the pediatric wing.

We found the right room,  faces lit up and tails wagged when these two buddies saw each other.
It was good :-).

I am not sure what the real miracle is~
  That Chester's friend might get to come home today (woof woof!)
that these two are furever friends.
You see,
even though we live in California,
 Chester is still a Phillies Fan through and through. 
His buddy's team is Yankees,YANKEES til the end!
    (can you imagine?)
          And yet these two are still the best of friends.

I love miracle stories.   

Get Well Soon!

Go Phillies :-)


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