Thursday, October 17, 2013


Adorable twin sisters have become dear to our hearts.  They are 4 years old, cute as little pixies,  with soft brown curls, gentle smiles, and sparkly eyes. Both girls love to dance, delight in read-aloud books, and sooo enjoy animals...especially horses and dogs.

When we can, Chester and I take a beautiful drive up the coast to a little town called Cambria, to assist one of the girls with physical therapy. She has cerebral palsy. Mom is absolutely amazing & creative as she discovers ways to use Chester to help  her daughter with growth and development.

One of the things we love to do, is walk and stroll to a beautiful garden/hotel close to their home. Mom pushes the stroller with her sweet daughter.  I walk with her other sweet girl.  And both girls take turns walking Chester.

Mom is helping her dear child learn to grasp and release.  And what a great way to practice ~~ holding and letting go of Chester's leash. What began as a difficult task, is now becoming more automatic. This is what is so amazing about animal assisted therapy ---  this little girl does not realize how hard she is working. To her,  she is just taking her buddy for an hour-long walk. The results make us all shout "wooHoo!"  This 4 year old's  proud sparkly smile, her tiny hands opening & closing, are the reasons we are so blessed by what we get to do.

Even more than this little one  making amazing progress with her motor skills, there's something
else  that happens on our walks and strolls to the garden --- Sisters, just being sisters.  Together, walking Chester.  Both smiling.  Both taking turns. Both not wanting to release the leash to the other, but sharing regardless.  Just two little girls, walking  a fluffy-silly pup, and being sisters.

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  1. What a great story and wonderful example of the benefits of a therapy dog