Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chester ~ Mr. CampHost

Meet some of Chester's new friends.  Gabe and Ethan. The boys and their parents, camped right nextdoor to us one weekend not too long ago.  Gabe, Ethan, and Chester became fast friends. The boys told their mom and dad that when they move, they want Chester to live next door. (Dad is in the military, and another move is just around the corner)
Boys and dogs go together like  like stars and stripes, like marshmallows and graham crackers, like Chester and tennis balls.  And what F.U.N. to have these these little guys camp next door to us for the weekend.  Chester made two new friends for life ~ these 3 were stuck like glue for the weekend.

Thank you Josh and Ashlee for letting Chester come over to play with your boys.

And...thank you Josh, & family, for your sacrifice & service to our country.  May God Bless you and keep you safe.

Chester's new buddies, Gabe and Ethan

Saying good-bye is so hard...Just need one more hug please.

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  1. Hi Diane! I hope the 3 of you are doing wonderfully :) I came across Chester's business card and thought I would check to see what he was up to. The boys still talk about Chester and what fun they had camping next to him. Our youngest, Ethan, still is trying to pursuade us to change the name of one of our dogs to Chester :)