Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good Byes Aren't Easy

Good Byes Aren't Easy........that is for sure.

As we leave PA, to journey to California, one of THE hardest things is saying "bye"
to my KPETS friends.

To Willard, our dear dear friend.

To Melissa and her mom.

To our UDS students.

To Karen, "Mrs. KPETS...mommy to her goldens", my dear friend...

Each and all of you have filled our hearts to over-flowing. We love you.

Dear Willard....

Adult Enrichment Class ~~ How you have enriched our lives!!!

Melissa, you have changed our lives forever.

This good-bye hug....made tears flow down all our cheeks.
We were honored to have our prints put on the Schreiber Hall of Fame

Melissa's....her handprint has grown since she first placed it there....about 9 yrs ago.
You are engraved on our hearts forever.  FOREVER!

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