Thursday, August 9, 2012

Walkin' and Rollin' in the Garden

Saturday Morning dawned cloudy and cool-er (yippee)  ~ after a scorchingly-hot-humid-not-fun-to-be-outside week, it  was a Pawsitively Perfect day for a stroll in the Willow Valley Gardens with Willard.   Willard loves plants and flowers. In fact, after returning from WWII, he earned his degree in Agriculture, and grew lush gardens on his New Jersey farm.  Dori and I wanted to bless our dear friend and give him an extra special day ~~~ we couldn't think of a better way than walkin' & rollin' outside in God's good earth with his dear buddy Chester.

Willard had not been outside in a very long time. As in a year or more. When you haven't been outside in a very long while, it can feel like quite a HUGE and fearful journey into the unknown.  Four-legged-buddies can help with that. Take a peek and see how it went.

Let's play ball !



Treats for bringin' the ball back!


      The day couldn't have been more lovely!  Really.  A Golden Moment for sure.... Priceless. 

       PS. Did you notice who is happy to hold the leash, and who is smiling big on the other end?
                    ....I'm thinkin' these two did ok, way ok.    


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