Friday, November 9, 2012

Chris's Dream Come True ~~ Tara !

 I just had to write an update....I had to tell you some great news.

If you will check back to the blog archives you will see some posts regarding Chris and Victoria.  Well, the great news for Chris is, his long wait for a service dog has turned into a dream-come-true.  Tara, a sweet Black Labrador,  is now his service dog, and they are training together as a team. Thank you UDS Service Dog Trainers.  You are amazing.

Chester and I couldn't be more thrilled! WOOF WOOF & we send a  kazillion wags of congratulations to Chris and Tara (and Chris's sweet wife Victoria too).

What a wonderful fairy-tail ending & beginning to our prayers for Chris. 
God bless you both!  
And Happy Tails to You!

PS For those of you who don't know, Chester and I are traveling cross-country  with our family,  and he is on extend-o vacation ~~ thus the huge gap in Tails of a Therapy Dog posts.  Chester is enjoying chasing squirrels, long walks, doggie paddle swims in gorgeous lakes and rivers, chasing balls and sticks, going on bike-ride-runs, and cruising in the motor home. 

The other day, he seemed to be forgetting his therapy-dog-manners, I said to him quite sternly "Chester, are you EVER going to be a therapy dog again, HELLO?!"  He looked at me so dejected, totally heartbroken that I would say such a thing....I knew he knew exactly what I was saying............and his eyes said "Ummm, I'm on vacation Mom. I promise I'll get back to work."

I told him I was sorry I hurt his feelings....and he promised me that he would do better with his doggie manners. Once a therapy dog, always a therapy dog ;-).

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