Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mrs. UP (Mrs. Grumpness)

Mrs. Grumpness, Mrs. UP,(sounds like an oxymoron), is one of the familar faces we see each week at Willow Valley.   I call her Mrs. UP because she totally looks like the identical twin to the grumpy-round-faced-slumped-grumbling-aging-man in the movie UP (great movie bytheway)

For the past year or so, every time we visit Willow Valley and walk towards Mrs. UP, she says, "No, NO, NO, grumble, &%*#&%#*" .  I hardly get the words out to ask if she would like to pet the dog ~~ when she shakes her head and says the above stuff.  It's OK, we understand,  --- Chester keeps waggin' and I keep walking, moving on towards others in the room who can hardly wait to touch their 4-legged friend.  Though Mrs. UP resists our love and wags, we love her still. :-)

Last visit, we walked towards  Mrs. UP.

"Would you like to pet Chester?"  We kept walking.

"I'd like to pet THE DOG."



We pawsitively froze in our tracks.

Mrs. UP gently touched Chester's head. His ears.  "You are such a nice dog."

 Chester raised his eyebrows, looking up at me.  I looked down at him.  

He grinned.  I grinned.

We pawsed.  Lingered.

Don't you just love it?


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