Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lightening Storms and Fireworks!

I almost forgot this "tail". 

A number of weeks ago as I was driving home from a Chester appointment ....I said to myself,   I need to write this down, so I don't forget. 

I forgot to write it down...and I forgot.  Don't you just hate that.  (God has such a sense of humor --- I mean, there I was visiting our dear friends who struggle terribly with Alzheimer's and Dementia and then I FORGET what I wanted to remember.  Oye.  )

I remembered.  Just now ... I remembered what I forgot.  Just now, when the thunder boomed and the lightening lit up the night sky.  I remembered. 

We were visiting Willard.  Chester was laying on the bed atop the familiar red blanket, snuggled close to his friend.  Willard stroked Chester's paws.  His head.  The golden feathery fur on his neck.  I sat in the bedside chair silently watching and enjoying the moments.  Just a typical quiet visit.

And then Willard spoke to me ever so clearly.

"Did you hear the thunder last night?"

My jaw dropped open.   "Yes!  I did!  It was so loud."

"The lightening, it was like FIREWORKS!" he said.

"Oh my, yes.   Like Fireworks."  I smiled.


 A miracle conversation....
Lighting up the whole room.

 Like Fireworks.

Don't you just love fireworks!

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