Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Easter Egg Hunt

"Yes....you get to wear bunny ears today!  Honest, you look cute."
Melissa days at Schreiber rank right up there at the very top of our favorite things to do.  Last Tuesday was no egg-ception, even though Chester did a weee bit of pouting over the bunny ears.

For therapy time today, Chester and Melissa had an Easter Egg Hunt, just the two of them.  Chester brought eggs filled with candy for Melissa ~ Melissa brought eggs filled with PEANUT BUTTER GIRL SCOUT COOKIES for Chester. (heav------en on earth for the boy).   Did I mention Keith ate quite a large number of Chester's stash of peanut butter Girl Scout Cookies this year???  I only mention that to make the point that Chester was especially excited about his treats.

Ready ...  Set .... Go!

 We scattered the eggs.  Melissa bent down to reach for hers & saved the candy for the ride home. Chester, on the other hand,  sniffed out his, cracked the plastic eggs open, and snarfed his cookies on the spot. Best hunt ever.

One more thing ~ we celebrated Melissa's 14th birthday.  Happy Birthday Melissa!

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