Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So HAPPY to see YOU!

Today one of our good friends stopped in to say Hi!   Keith and I said, "Mary's here!" and  zipped to the door to welcome her with hugs.  Chester was so HAPPY to see his buddy, Mary, thathe went up on his hind legs,  planted big front paws on Mary's shoulders, gave her doggie kisses from ear to ear, and whaled this pathetic moaning sound, or humming noise, (it's hard to explain...you just have to hear it), while his tail went in whirly-bird circles.

"Hey..." I said in my serious no-nonsense voice, pulling Chester back, "What happened to Mr. Therapy Dog?  Off!"  Reluctantly he obeyed. I gave him THE LOOK. I mean really, this is ridiculous. He looked at me.  He gave me THE LOOK.

Mr. Dog Whisperer, Cesar, woulda pointed his finger and said "tssss."  Our doggie trainer friends, Jill, Laurie, Michelle, Sherrie (why do I have so many dog trainer friends?) would have rolled their eyes at ME and sent me back to beginning puppy school 101.

Honest and true, Chester does know how to do meet and greet  like a champ.  Deep down he knows. And Chester does not do this hug thing with everyone. He doesn't.  BUT, there are a select few of you out there, and you know who you are, well it's like he just can't contain himself.  Don't tell him I said this but maybe....sometimes...you just gotta break the rules :-) .

Reminds me of a song that I love.  Even as I type this, my head starts bobbin' and I'm singin' away..., "Can't hold my love back from you, can't hold my love back from you, I gotta sing, gotta sing, sing my love...."  

I'm with Chester, sometimes when I see certain people, well, I can't help it, I can't hold back.  East Coast Protocol goes out the window, and I just hug away, and sometimes, (hold on) I even kiss people on the cheek.  I do.  I really do.

So, IF you are one of those people that Chester gives giant hugs to....well, just sayin' He can't hold his love back from you... And he'll even hummmmm it in your ear :-)

I'll keep working on the proper training greeting thing with Mr. Therapy Dog, I promise, but there are times.... ya just gotta break the rules and go for it.  Don't you think?  (Don't you dare tell him I wrote this.)

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