Friday, February 17, 2012

I Don't Like Good-Byes

I don't like good-byes.  The word sounds  Maybe that's why I especially appreciate the Hawaiian language so much ~  in Hawaiian good-bye sounds so much softer...aloha, meaning both hello & good-bye & may love and blessings be yours.  I like that.   Well ,today we needed to say aloha to Max and his Mom.

We've been working with Max for a few months in his home.  Max, little blond Max, a bright, amazing preschooler, who is faced with challenges of delayed speech and processing skills. Max and Chester bonded instantly,the two clearly having a connection right from the start. They played together.  They did follow the leader around the kitchen, dining room, living room loop. Max introduced Chester to new toys and cars and trucks. And, they just  enjoyed the boy & puppy-dog bond that comes with sitting on the floor together. Chester helped Max grow in language and social skills .  Max helped Chester begin to overcome his umbrella-phobia.  Yup, the brave therapy dog thinks umbrellas are evil monsters. (Chester is making good progress....thanks to his buddy Max!)

As I said, this was our final session with Max. For a variety of reasons, it was time for Chester and me to pass the therapy-baton on to another amazing  KPETS dog, Sam, (also known as Sam the Ham!). He's  a lovable Golden Retriever and a friend of Chester's :-).  Though we we were certain this was the best decision for all..........alohas & good-byes still are not easy.

When our session was finished, we sang our good-byes,"Good-bye Max, good-bye Max, good-bye Max, it's time for us to go."  Max patted Chester, while Mom and I were dripping tears down our cheeks. Hugs were given all around, encouragement and hope and sadness all mingled together.

And then.... The most amazing thing happened.

Max spoke..... He really did!!!!

Max said, "Buh Buh," to Chester for the very first time.

As I said, I'm not too fond of  "bye"............but I tell you, in that moment it was the sweetest sound to my ears.  Oh my.

And on that note, we walked out the door.  May love and blessings be yours sweet Max.  Have fun with Sammy ~~~ he will be another wonderful doggy to fill your heart and life with Golden Moments!

                                                                       ~ Aloha~

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