Monday, June 27, 2011

Parking Lot Conversations

After an hour of visiting and playing with a few little boys at the Domestic Violence Shelter, Chester and I were escorted out the heavily secured doors and into the parking lot.  A group of moms stood visiting, pausing on their way to go inside and pick up their children.  As Chester and I passed them, one mom stopped us.

"May I pet your dog?"

"Yes, of course."

"Will he bite?"

"No, Chester won't bite."

"Never met a dog that didn't bite."

"He might lick you, but he won't bite."  I smiled

She relaxed slightly, and reached toward Chester.
"He's a nice dog."   
Hesitantly, she patted him on top of his head. 
" Do you ever hit him?"

"No, I've never hit him.  All he's known is love."  I rubbed his ears.

"Never met a dog that hasn't been beat."
Chester stood still and quiet, a cautious, gentle hand resting atop his head.
 "He's a good dog. Don't you ever hit him."

"I won't. ....I promise"

She turned to walk toward the door, looked back once and said, "Thanks."

"You are very welcome."

One brief conversation, in one tiny parking lot.  My eyes were opened wider.  I am thankful she is here, a place where the hurting and battered and broken can find a voice and a pathway to healing.


 Papa, please, will you bless and protect
this courageous woman and her children.

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