Monday, June 27, 2011

Chris and Victoria, continued.....

On this particular Monday evening, Chester and I were cruising down the highway headed to training.Unexpectedly somone unzipped heaven and it began POURING. Even with the "wippers" on high, it was hard to see.  Our kids always called them wippers, not wipers. Thus to me, they are wippers.  I almost turned around, but chose to forge ahead. I'm glad I did.

Chester and I, soggy and soaked, stood in the training room waiting for class to begin.  All I could smell was wet dog(s).  I was thinking, this is not fun.  Then I felt thump thump thump,  and the splattering of a soggy tail against my legs ~~ Looking where Chester was looking, I saw the reason, Victoria, Chester's friend was heading towards us.

Victoria, the petite redhead with the sparkly eyes.  Victoria, of Chris and Victoria. Remember Chris who needed a bit of a God and Dog Miracle Moment to pursue getting an assistance dog?  (read Chris and Victoria)   My jaw was like dropped open in disbelief...and my arms opened wide to greet her.  Chester went from sit/stay to wiggly-bouncy-bonkers. After wet hugs all around, ( and Victoria explaining that Chris could not be here, but she decided to come alone just to watch) well, she went on to explain that shortly after our God-appointed meeting months ago, Chris filled out the application  for an Assistance Dog, interviewed, and long story short ~~ Chris is on the waiting list for a canine companion of his very own. HOW COOL IS THAT?  Victoria, EXCITEDLY relayed the whole story... while Chester  listened and smiled (yes smiled), obviously understanding every word.   My jaw was still dropped open....lovely.

Fast forward 3 weeks. Chester and I joined Chris and Victoria for a wheel chair training day for doggies and handlers. I can't even begin to tell you the joy I felt watching Chris with an assistance dog -- even though this handsome black Labrador wasn't  his dog, even though it was just a practice training time, it was this glorious picture of  what was to come. I deeeelighted in watching these 3 work together, the trainer constantly encouraging and instructing both Chris and the Black Lab how to move and work as a team.

There is this scene that is freeze-framed in my mind and heart.  Chris and his 4 legged black buddy stood waiting at the door to go outside.  This look came over Chris's face that said, How do I do this, get me and the dog out the door?

 "Chris, tell him to open the door." the trainer gently instructed.

Are you kidding?

Chris gave the command.  The lab, gently rose-up to the door handle, and with his mouth, opened the door for Chris.  And out they ventured...into a whole new world.

My jaw is still dropped open... 

Stay tuned........ more God and Dog stories to come.  I know it!

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