Saturday, May 6, 2017

Habit of the Week ~ Compassion

A feeling that comes when you want to help someone who is 
hurting, sad, lonely, hungry, afraid.

As I pondered the habit of the week, "compassion", I read Mr. B's blog. Something that he wrote especially jumped off the page and landed in my thoughts.  He said,  ~~ We don’t need bullying policies in schools - we need compassionate behaviors.    ~~  True that.

A story came to mind.  Another Chester moment. Chester's specialty is compassion and this compassionate story took place many years ago on a Sunday morning.  

As I often do, I take my four legged buddy to church with me. During the service he usually nestles quietly at my feet, and after the service he warmly greets whomever would enjoy some puppy time. 

Of course this particular Sunday morning did not go as usual. 

While I was worshiping and singing, I was not paying much attention to my buddy and his whereabouts, assuming as usual he was right at my feet.  At some point though, I thought to look down and reached to give him a pat. However, there was no Chester.  Usually his leash is in my handand I do know this is the correct place for his leash to be :), however on this day for whatever reason I had just set it by my feet.  As I said ... usually, he just nestles in and snoozes. 

Chester MIA was either the perfect storm or the perfect opportunity for something wonderful. I looked left and right and down the aisle.  No Chester. Rut-roh.     

And then I turned around.


My furry friend was sitting in the middle of the aisle snuggled up close to a man in a wheel chair. A man whom I'd never met.  The man's hand rested atop Chester's head.  Chester looked right into my eyes as if to say,  it's all good, you can start breathing again. 

I quietly asked the man if this was okay with him. He gently smiled and nodded yes.  

A few moments later,  I introduced myself and Chester saying, "My friend here usually likes to sit with me, but apparently he wants to be with you today. :)  "

As we shook hands, he told me his name, and then went on to explain how it was his first time to visit this church,  and he more than welcomed Chester at his side.  And by his side is where Chester stayed the entire service, either sitting glued to the side of the wheelchair where our new friend could easily touch Chester's head, or laying down, Chester's head resting atop his feet.  

Each time I glanced back, tears welled in my eyes and heart, as I saw Chester reaching out to touch this man with kindness and compassion.

Chester's compassion birthed a sweet friendship, and many more moments together throughout the years to follow.

I'll always be grateful for that day ~~ you just never know the surprise blessings that might come from "compassionate behaviors"...... 




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