Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Habit of the Week ~ Commitment

Commitment - A promise to do or give something

One of my favorite moments this week was sharing time in a 1st grade classroom,  hearing their thoughts and ideas about this b.i.g. word commitment.

Chester and I took our spots in front of the students....and I asked the question, "Who can give me some ideas about what commitment might mean?"  Hands popped up everywhere.

It means keeping a promise, even when it is hard.

It means doing what you say you will do.

It means sticking with something, even when it would be easier to quit.

Seriously -- these little first graders have such HUGE hearts and BRILLIANT minds and INCREDIBLE wisdom.  Tears welled in my eyes as I listened to their heartfelt responses.

And, with these dazzling definitions ringing in all of our hearts,
I went on to explain about my commitment to Mr. Chester.  


First, I showed the students his puppy picture!  Of course we all oohed and ahhed at his cuteness. Who wouldn't want to bring home this bundle of love?  Next, I explained that bringing him home meant I was making a promise, a commitment, that I would take care of him faithfully for all the days of his life.   Even on days when I was a sleepy head.  Even on days when it was cold and blustery and rainy. Even on super-hot days. Even on days I was sniffly. And on days I could not be with him, I promised I would find a super-subsitute who would take really good care of him.

What emerged as I shared about my commitment to love and care for my best-canine-buddy, was a beautiful picture of  what happens daily in the lives of students at Almond Acres Charter Academy  ~~ a commitment to educate and care for the whole child: Heart, Mind, Body, Soul.

Together, we discovered how my commitment to Chester, takes really good care of his Heart, Mind, Body, Soul.
I  FEED him everyday. And give him FRESH WATER.         BODY

I LOVE him. Everyday I give him hugs, affection, and kind words.   HEART

I EXERCISE him. Everyday he gets a walk, run, or bike ride.    BODY

I  TRAIN him. Everyday I teach him good manners and
                                          help him to be a good citizen !    MIND

And putting all of these together -- nurtures Chester's   SOUL

Thank you First Grade, you are wonderful students and teachers. 
Chester and I love you!

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