Sunday, November 20, 2016


This year for Halloween, Chester dressed up in his DREAM JOB Costume.
Official Taste Tester for IN-N-OUT BURGER.

You can tell by the picture, he takes his work seriously.

On Halloween, first we  visited our favorite 3rd Graders
 at Almond Acres Charter Academy. 
The students, who were in their favorite fun costumes, 
eagerly greeted Chester when he pranced through the doorway. 
They oohed and awed at  his costume.
 He wagged at theirs. 
 After giving Ms. Chase bazillions of smooches, 
and Ms Chase giving Chester bazillions of tummy rubs, 
he settled into visiting the students at their desks.
He listening intently as each one shared with him
about the latest writing project ~~ autobiographies. 
Great work 3rd grade!

After school it just seemed appropriate
 to take my buddy to IN N OUT BURGER.  
After all, besides pet therapy at Almond Acres, 
this is 
And I'm about helping dreams come true.

Maria and Ethan, superstar employees, 
 were eager to make Chester's dream come true.
In fact, they offered him a job ....


Ethan beamed,
"This is my best day at work ever!"
Maria agreed.

Chester too.

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing. :)