Friday, October 23, 2015

Prison Again....Graduation Day....Kleenex Please

Just a few thoughts on yesterday. Yesterday, behind prison walls and fences, I attended one of the most memorable and touching graduations ever: PAWS FOR LIFE, prison program, inmates rehabilitating and training rescue dogs. . Kleenex please. A few weeks back Chester and I were invited & honored to meet and speak with the men about Pet Therapy. We were invited back for graduation day. 15 men. 5 dogs. You should have seen each man, in prison uniform, proudly receiving his diploma. And the dogs ~~ calm ( well, mostly calm smile emoticon ), obedient, and well-loved. All passed with flying colors. When I arrived, I had time to speak with each of the men, shake hands, tell them how proud I was of them (and how proud they could be of themselves!), and listen to some of the 'tails' of his paws-for-life-journey. One man, moved to tears, stroking 'his dog's soft ears and head, quietly said to me, "These dogs come here afraid, battered, and abused from off the streets. If they weren't in this program, well, they'd probably be euthanized. No one has ever taken the time to love them, be patient with them, teach them, have compassion. My dog, well, he was a lot like me...." He paused and looked at me, his eyes were not only filled with tears, but with hope, and with pride. It was crystal clear, his 4-legged friend was not the only life changed. heart emoticon kleenex please.
Thank you Lisa Horowitz my friend, and superstar dog-trainer who is full of wisdom, love, PATIENCE, and compassion. PAWS FOR LIFE is blessed to have you, and you my friend are the reason 15 men and 5 pups are being given hope and a second chance.
PS Stay tuned... In the days ahead I will share the tail of our (Me & Chester) second trip to prison, the one that happened after the lightening storm lock down. Lifechanging.

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