Thursday, July 9, 2015

When The Therapy Dog Needs Therapy

4th of July
and noises that go 

 Me--- I love love love -- the 4th of July, celebrations, fireworks, the booms, the colors, the patriotic songs, the God Bless America  & the good ole U.S.A. , the night sky lit with sparkles and colors and celebration.  Even cannon booms! The louder and brighter the better. 

Not Chester. Not my tenderhearted golden buddy.  The 4th of July is at the tippy top of the SCARE-ME list. The loud booms and crackles scare the pee-woddin out of him.

This year, visiting family --- in an unfamiliar home to him --- the BooMs and cRaCkLe PoPs were especially overthetop s.c.a.r.e.y.  Chester heard the noises long before I did and disappeared at dusk from the poolside party (where he had been romping IN THE POOL, smiling and playing all day long).

When I heard the first BOOM and crackle, that's when I noticed my buddy was gone from poolside. Looking for him high and low--- I discovered him inside the house, huddled on the cool tile floor in a darkened bathroom, wide-eyed, shivering, and shaking. 

Ahh Buddy.

I sat down with him. Rubbed his soft ears, and lay across his furry, still-wet-with-pool back and tummy, hugging him as best I could to sooth away the fear. 

It was hardly dark yet. And I knew the BOOMS had only begun.   
And so....this year, 

This 4th of July...
While the boom bands were playing... and the fireworks were crackling across the night sky...
We huddled together on the blue tiled bathroom floor.
In the dark.
Listening to soothing music from the glow of the iphone.
While over and over I stroked his fur and whispered into his soft ears...
It will be ok. We will ride this booming storm out together, and make it through the night. I 'm here.

Next's doggie drugs ;-).

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