Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Digging to China

Therapy Dogs need play time too. This would be especially true of my buddy Chester. Heck, we all need play time.

One of Chester's favorite play spots is the doggie beach.  Mine too.

When it comes to the beach, he has  3 favorites:

1. Chasing BIRDS
3. Digging to China and burying his TENNIS BALLS

And so on this day, with the sun BRIGHT and WARM, it was definitely a "chuck-it" tennis ball day. Chester chased and swam and splashed and retrieved until WE were tired of chucking-it.   At last we  told him it was time to go, and he picked up his ball and pranced along behind us.  We thought.

Keith and I got to talking and weren't paying much attention to our furry friend with the tennis ball. At some point we both looked over our shoulders for Chester, and then it sort of turned into one of those slow-motion-scenes in a movie. 

We began to run and yelled,  "Chester, Noooooooooooooo!" just a 'lil bit too late. Face totally covered in sand, he turned his head as if to say "Whaaaat?"

There, about 50 feet back, was Chester.  His head down in a hole, furry-sandy butt up in the air, digging to China, flinging huge amounts of sand between his hind legs.  And right behind his furry butt, was this cute couple in their bathing suits, snuggling on their beach towels.  ohmygoodness

They didn't see it coming because, they were a little too....uh, into their moment.

You get the picture.

When the sand started flingin' and flyin' all over their moment, let's just say their moment was over.

Keith and I totally apologized for our diggen' dog, and offered to help them shake out their towels and other things. (I don't think they liked dogs)

We marched him on leash back to the car, he was holding his tennis ball and prancing. The 3 of us could not stop laughing.   I'm sorry, we couldn't, no matter how hard we tried.

Not sure if ole Chester boy lined up this target on purpose.  Pretty sure....




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