Monday, June 18, 2012

LEAVE IT! probably saved his life.....

A Teachable Moment for all KPETS Teams
& Doggie Owners

Today on one of our regular KPETS visits, Chester's quick response and obedience probably saved his life. When we walked into the room, my buddy sniffed under a table and I noticed a blue capsule/pill. I commanded him "Leave It" and he did so immediately. I then notified the staff who removed the medicine from the area.  I was so thankful my eyes were on Chester, and he obeyed without hesitation.  A great reminder for us all to make sure our pups are confident in this command, and to stay alert on our visits. I really never thought this would happen ~~ and it did.   I'm thankful for the training KPETS gives ~~ so valuable for the safety of our pets as we serve others.

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