Monday, December 12, 2011

Memories! Memories! Memories!

Remember, I told you about Willard, this gentle man who has climbed into our hearts? Our last visit with Willard was on Friday,  we took him a small stuffed golden retriever as a gift. We have visited Willard about 4-5 times over the past few months. Each time we visit, Chester climbs up into bed with Willard, and nestles in.  Both love it. 

 After our last visit, Dori, my neighbor who works on the floor where Willard lives, wrote me this email. I just had to share it with you!

Hi Diane, I just had to tell you about my visit with Willard today. I went into his room before lunch to say hi to him and chat a little bit...he is always sitting up in bed right before meal times! Anyway...he was very excited to see me and started pointing right away to his dresser. I saw the bookmark of Chester on the dresser and thought he was pointing to that, so I brought it over to him. He shook his head and kept pointing to the dresser. Well...sitting right next to the bookmark of Chester was an old B&W photograph of a large dog in the snow that looks dated from the 50s. He told me that was his dog! He then pointed with his finger to a large  building in the photograph behind the dog. He told me that was his greenhouse! Did I tell you he used to be an avid gardener and had a greenhouse!

I asked him where he got the picture and he pointed to a box on a stand next to his dresser. This box has mementos. He must have been going through his photos looking for that picture so he could put it next to the picture of Chester! Your visits have opened up other memories for him! What a wonderful thing! Wanna hear something else neat. Willard then pointed to the top of the TV set that is in his room. When he pointed he laughed...know why? Because on the top of the TV set looking over at him is the Chester stuffed toy on one side and a mini frog on the other! Did I tell you he also loves frogs! In fact...frogs, gardening, birds and of course dogs...are his favorite things! Thought you'd love to hear the story! Dori

Memories! Memories! Memories! the best gift ever *~*

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