Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chester the Beer Bouncer

So tonight Chester and I went to the Chamber of Commerce Mixer.  We were mixing a bit, meeting people.  There was this nice woman sitting on a couch and she obviously wanted to meet the Chester-bud. We went to meet and greet.  Chester was so excited to say hello, he wagged his fluffy tail extra-big and swooshed her beer right off the coffee table (oopsie-daisy).  She was nice about the whole thing, and Chester and I did our best to clean up the spill.  The bummer for her was "they" only allowed one drink per person at this Chamber Event.  The good news was some kind soul did find a way to bring her another full glass.   (Sounds a little bit like the my dog ate my homework line that I have heard at least a few times ;-) ...)

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