Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Squirrel Chaser

Today was almost a disaster with a capital D.  And though all is well, my heart still has that sick feeling inside, that feeling that comes when you know what could have been. 

Chester and I had just returned from a romp in the woods -- a mini romp due to rain & mud.  I parked the car in our driveway, scanned the horizon for squirrels, dogs, and walkers ~~ doggie temptations. All clear I thought.  I opened the car door, gave him the OK.  To me, OK meant trot into the house.  To Chester, OK meant chase the squirrel that was in Greg's yard across the street.  In a nano-second, he sprang out the door, bolting toward the squirrel I had not seen.  At the same moment a maroon mini van rounded the corner,  on a direct collision course with Chester. 

I saw, I yelled his name just as I heard the thud ~~ feeling helpless & horrified,  and so stupid & responsible for giving the OK to go when it was unsafe for him.   Fortunately, the mini van was traveling slowly, and thankfully Chester did not go under, and thankfully what ever part of him thudded against the car was somehow protected from injury. After THUD, he bolted back to me as quickly as he ran for that squirrel.  (Scared the crap out of him, and me too.)  

After countless hugs, a call and visit to our amazing vet,  & a chiropractic adjustment (yes, you read that correctly!) from our friend and chiropractor, I am very relieved to write that Chester is doing well and napping by my side, occasionally rising up to nudge my wrist for some attention and a scratch behind the ears, as I type ~ being his good old Chester self.

I am hoping that somehow he thinks the minivan was a  Humongous T-Rex Evil Squirrel ---- and he will never chase again.  However, the leash law is now in effect from car to house.  

A huge teachable moment for me....and I am way-glad I can tell you about this squirrel chasing teachable moment, while my faithful 4 legged buddy is resting with his head on my foot....looking up at me with big brown eyes, safe 'n sound.

Thank you for angels watching over us today Dear Lord.  Amen.

Chillen' with Dad, who seems to be snoozing through the Phillies Game

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  1. Whew! Glad for God's mercies!