Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yoga with Chester

I love you, Melissa !

I love you too, Chester!

"Hey Chester, wanna do Yoga on Tuesday?"
"I'm totally up for it!"

Tuesday was the big day,  Yoga with Chester.  Melissa indeed had picked out some exercises to do with her buddy.  She stretched, he stretched.  She reached up high, he did the same.  She went down low, and down Chester went. Melissa yinged and yanged, Chester yinged and yanged. (obviously, it goes without saying,  I don't know much about Yoga).   Melissa taught Chester some great Yoga positions.  It was a beautiful moment. :-)

Chester's favorite pose ~ the tail wag, of course.  He excelled. Melissa did a very cute wag as well.  His second favorite pose was the bridge, when Melissa made a bridge, hands on floor, balancing on one knee with other leg stretched out straight (wow); Chester did the army crawl, on his belly, traveling under the bridge ~~ to receive peanut butter cookie from mom-Peggy on the other side.  Chester discovered, Yoga is fun.  Yoga is delicious.

Something happened after Yoga.  Melissa and Chester sort of took a nose dive in energy and concentration and weren't their typical perky selves for the rest of Physical Therapy. They were zoned, staring off into space, concentrating on who-knows-what, perhaps ceiling tiles, or perhaps the creation of the universe.  Hard to tell.  Not sure if their ying and yang got messed up, or what exactly happened, but, it was not a pretty picture, at least from Melissa's therapist's point of view.  She's the kind of GREAT therapist that well...she likes to make the most out of every minute.  Finally, she looked at the zoning Yoga-Team, & in her very serious voice said, "Melissa, Chester, next time we do Yoga last!"  Melissa and Chester sort of gave her this glazed look that said, "Dude, we totally don't get why you are so stressed, and like so, uh, not happy.  Maybe you should try to chill with some Yoga moves? "

When their hour was done,  Chester walked Melissa to her minivan.  They gave each other very relaxed hugs, and that was the end of their FIRST, and hopefully not last, Yoga Day.  I don't know about Melissa, but Chester slept the whole way home ~~ stretched out and smiling, totally. 
Moms definitely need hugs too.
(Peg, Melissa's terrific Mom)


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  1. I love hearing Chester stories. They are like gentle God stories...full of love and grace.