Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yoga With Chester, a P.S.

I forgot a VERY important part in Yoga with Chester. oops

So here is the P.S.
Very important P.S.
In fact, it really shouldn't be a P.S. at all.  It should have been in the main part.

(I sometimes worry about my brain)  ;-)

After Chester and Melissa finished YOGA time, Melissa lay exhausted on the red mat.  Chester lay exhausted as well, they were nose to toe, stretched out flat on the mat.  Picture: Chester's big black nose nuzzling Melissa's cute toes.  Peggy, (mom),  and Therapist, were gathering Melissa's shoes and socks to get her ready for part 2 of therapy time.   Chester sniffed Melissa's ten little sockless toes.  He sniffed again.  He gave a little lick, tickling her toes. Melissa giggled. Chester proceeded to wash Melissa's feet in a slobbery sort of way. Peggy saw the foot washing session and literally fell to the floor laughing hysterically. Finally, she managed to say, "I didn't know Chester gave pedicures with pet-therapy Yoga sessions!  Wait, no, that would be a Pup-i-Cure!"  A new wave of hysteria erupted.  

Melissa could not stop the giggles.  Ohmyghosh,  Peggy gave new meaning to ROFL (rolling on floor laughing) complete with tears streaming down her cheeks, Therapist was shaking her head unable to hold back the laughter OR bring any sense of order to this crew, and everyone, I mean everyone in the Physical Therapy room was looking on wondering why WE were having all the fun while they were working so darn hard.  Chester, oblivious to everything except Melissa's tasty Jr High toes, continued to slurp, lick, and very thoroughly wash, I might add,  the feet of his friend ~~~ giving a Deluxe Pup-i-cure for sure. 
Pup-i-Cures are the best. 
Chester has a few openings next week, if you'd like to make an appointment.
Good for the toes and good for the soul. ;-)


  1. If I can find someone to cover the plane ticket...I'm there! :D Very, very cute ending to the story.

  2. I don't know how I missed this post before, Diane. River does the foot treatment, too - we call it doggie food massage - although I love the "pupicure" label. They are very popular with some at our house - his preference is for the sweatiest toes - we think it's the salt? He did give a few licks recently at a therapy session - and she giggled like crazy - it is very tickly - but I wasn't quite so sure of her mother's reaction - it was more along the lines of - "I wouldn't like it myself..." loved to hear the laughter Chester's foot spa inspired. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I could truly use a pup i cure right now. Loved the story