Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writing Class

My friend Karen and I are taking this Beginning Writer's Workshop at the Local Literary Guild. We're a small group, and the people that I've met don't seem too "beginning in their writing skills" if you catch my drift.  Talent with a capital T.   Last week I took Chester to class, unannounced. My buddy and I had an evening appointment with KPETS  pretty darn close to class time, and pretty darn near the Literary Guild Building in downtown Lancaster. So, rather than take Chester home and be late ~ well,  I took Chester.

Our instructor had never had a canine in his library classroom, but he was open and welcomed the boy.   Chester took the initiative to greet everyone with a tail wag. He personally made contact with each one.  And when a student arrived sort of late...well, he was the one to get up  and say hi, welcome to class, glad you're here. Mr. Hospitality himself, good boy.  He then settled at our feet, under the big table, and snoozed for the remainder of the evening.

It could have been my imagination, but, class seemed a bit warmer, friendlier, more relaxed.

Fast forward one week....Tonight, no Chester.

"Where's the dog? Where's Chester?  We told you he could come to class :-).  He was such a calming presence."  Everyone chimed in.

All agreed...bring the dog. Please...

My 3rd graders used to like to write stories with Muffin, (our previous golden girl), she made writing stories...easier.  Kids smiled as they gripped their pencils...and the writing slumps, when your brain takes a vacation to Mars,  didn't seem to last as long. When her tail wagged, it was like she spread Tinkerbell-joy-dust throughout the room.   From math to language to recess, it was just a better day with The Muffster in our midst!  
So, next week --- think I'll bring Chester.  Guess what works for 3rd graders, works for older-than-3rd-graders too.

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