Friday, February 11, 2011

Ordinary Days

Some days are just....well....ordinary. 
This week's Schreiber visit seemed just that, ordinary.  Chester was visiting his favorite boy. I know I say favorite a lot, honestly though, when you are with Chester, you know you ARE his favorite, it's just the way he is, the way he makes you feel.  You know,you are special.

During Chester's time with Andy, (name changed), it seemed that nothing really amazing happened.  In fact the therapists' "Plan A" went to about a "Plan C"  after we arrived.  Plans just changed.  That happens.  And, to top it off, Chester seemed especially distracted  ~ like bouncing BALLS, like children's NOISES, like dust particles FLOATING in air seemed to grab his attention.  And though he did fun activities with his boy, it was like he had trouble he had ADD for a day.  

As we drove home, I glanced at Chester resting his head on his paws on the backseat.  I thought ~You know isn't that just life. Some days, most days probably, are like that. Plans change, life gets confusing & distracting, trouble focusing, and we stumble through and do the best we can ~~ praying that at the end of the day, something mattered.

Just an ordinary day...
Perhaps though, maybe ordinary is more-extra-ordinary than we think.  I mean REALLY, how ordinary is it that a furry hound-dog can even walk into a Rehab Hospital, let alone get kissed on the head multiple times by his boy, just for being there, distracted or not.
         Maybe...I need to rethink this ordinary thing after all.             

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